Winner of the 2015 National Poetry Award (Freedom Poet of the Year), Anthony Arnold is a poet that has always shed light on inequality and racism. He uses poetry to make the world understand the plight of black people. This is a necessary collection of poetry that shows love to the black community. Some pieces will make you weep with the sorrow of its reality, while others will make you full of pride and triumph. No matter what piece you read, just know that you will be moved with hope and a feeling of being seen and heard. “We are burying our people in record numbers and no one seems to have an answer. Not the leaders, not the police. No one. Purchase on AMAZON HERE

Through poetic expression, this book is the beginnings of fulfilling his desire to share knowledge with the younger generation with more about their ancestors and culture; letting them know they are much more than what some in society has labeled them. He hopes through his writing he is able to educate others more about the historical significance of the challenges African Americans as well as the contribution of African Americans throughout history including those events which are very rarely discussed or taught in public schools, such as African American roles in the Civil War. He hopes to shed more light on the strength of Black People throughout history. Purchase on AMAZON HERE

In URBAN MUSINGS, Anthony Arnold, author of “My People, Our Trials and Tribulations” returns with a powerful, historical and influential compilation of poetry packed with expressions of hope. Arnold's magnificent words resonates a brighter day through remembrance and provoking change. “Urban Muse” Homeless trying to survive Nowhere to go Children trying to live Streetwalkers and pimps on their corner Living in the hood An adventure for all To live or die Another day in the jungle This is Urban Musings! Purchase on AMAZON HERE
This is my third book and in a lot of ways, the hardest to complete. My first two titles gave me clear direction, but when life takes sudden turns, so did my writing. For some reason, my ideas were all over the place this time. Nevertheless, the pieces selected within this book will cover all the terrain in my journey. I thank all of you that have sojourned with me one more time. Thank you, ~ Author Anthony Arnold Purchase on AMAZON HERE

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